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Designed for those who need speed and agility. The first autoclavable sneaker suitable for high demanding hygiene environments.


Conceived by WOCK® for environments that require the highest hygiene standards, Steri-tech™ technology allows sterilization up to 134cº and has antimicrobial and odor resistant properties.
While its antistatic features improve safety, comfort and quality are well assured due to its wear resistance.


Grid Design™ is a technology developed by WOCK® based on a special and unique geometry, combining different surfaces and textures, to achieve the best shock absorption system ever felt.
Its precise and special design allows high flexibility and seamlessly breathability, while offering superior com

The closed heel is a must for professionals who need to move fast, in safety and with comfort.


For added safety on fast movements, the sole design was studied to reduce slip risks.


The strap provides the correct fit to the foot, ensuring greater comfort and additional safety.

Confidence in each step.

Autoclavable insole.