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  • Care and Cleaning

    To wash the insoles, remove them from CLOG. Dampen a soft cloth in warm water and rub directly on the insoles, to remove the dirt. Do not use aggressive detergents or softeners in the washing process. Allow to air dry at room temperature. Keep them away from heat sources.

  • Weight, materials and origin

    - Made in Portugal
    - Insole in polyurethane with super light cork, covered in microfiber

  • Payment Methods
    Safe payments with Visa and Paypal
  • Deliveries
    Fast Shipping
  • Quality Warranty
    2-year warranty for defective products. After-sales assistance via email, chat or phone, business days 9-17 GMT.
  • Frequently asked questions
    • What's the difference between Walksoft insole and the other CLOG insoles?

      Walktsoft insole is produced with a mix of cork and natural rubber latex, super light, which makes it highly comfortable for long hours standing. However, Walksoft insole must be removed when washing the clogs (something that is not needed with Steri-Tech CLOG insoles.

    • Do I need to have a special care with Walksoft insole?

      Yes, you must remove the insole from the CLOG before machine washing or sterilization.

    • When purchasing 1 unit, how many insoles are included?

      Our insoles kits include 2 insoles, one insole for each foot.

    • Do the insoles have the same guarantee period as the clog?

      Sim, all our products, including straps and insoles, have 2 years of guarantee.




Microfiber has a pleasant touch, promoting a comfortable experience.
Removable Insole

Removable Insole

It’s detachable to allow a deeper cleaning.


Returns to the original shape even after many hours of use.
Shock Absorption

Shock Absorption

The special design helps to reduce the occurrence of micro-lesions in tendons, bones and joints, and the feeling of tired legs.


Style designed to be worn by men and women.

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  • CLOG Walksoft™ Insole
  • CLOG Walksoft™ Insole

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