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  • Care and Cleaning

    The mask case can be machine washed up to 90ºC degrees and autoclavable up to 134ºC degrees for fifteen minutes. The mask case's material resists several autoclave sterilizations, but its durability can be diminished by the sterilization parameters and the number of cycles. The mask case resists several washes at 90ºC degrees in the washing machine. We don't recommend the use of whitener agents during machine cycles at 90ºC degrees. The resistance of this material depends on several factors: type of detergent, concentration, cycle duration, temperature, physical stress during cycles.

  • Weight, materials and origin

    - Made in Portugal
    - Produced with thermoplastic SEBS
    - Terylene yarn and metal carabiner
    - Bag produced with recycled polyethylene
    - Product's weight: 55 grams

  • Payment Methods
    Secure Payments
  • Deliveries
    Customer service from 9H to 17H, GMT
  • Quality Warranty
    2-year warranty for defective products. After-sales assistance via email, chat or phone, business days 9-17 GMT.


Lemon Scent

Lemon Scent

The footwear has a fresh and soft fragrance, with a lemon scent.


Produced in an high quality polymer which allows sterilization in autoclave up to 134 °C.

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  • Mask Case Kit
  • Mask Case Kit



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