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    WALKEMORE, S.A. is committed to compliance with the General Regulation on Data Protection, identified as Regulation (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27th April 2016.


    In the scope of this commitment, WALKEMORE, S.A. ensures that all its data holders will be able to exercise their rights, having for this purpose been appointed a Data Protection Officer in accordance with Articles 37th, 38 th and 39th of the above mentioned Regulation.


    Any data holder, to exercise his rights and/or submit any question related to this theme, have at their disposal the contact email


    The acquisition of data of the holders will be done through tools that allow the informed and positive consent and identification of transparent processing rules for data placed in the custody of WALKEMORE, S.A., as well as the time and proper support of the retention of data entrusted to the custody of WALKEMORE, S.A..


    In case there is the need for presentation of any claim, the data holder may exercise their right through the submission of a notification email to the contact

    This complaint will be dealt with through a formalized process of claims management.

    As a result of the registration of the complaint made this way, WALKEMORE, S.A. ensures the implementation of a communication process with the data holder, informing him in a timely manner and in accordance to the stipulated by the above identified regulation, at each step of the treatment of their complaint.


    Finally, WALKEMORE, S.A. is developing a Policy for the Management of Privacy that includes all the issues related to the implementation of a Management System of Privacy of personal data of holders and that will be disclosed and published in a timely manner.


     José Pinto



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