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Monobloc clog designed to offer long lasting comfort and easy maintenance.


Z-Absorption does exactly what its Z shaped internal structure suggests: it acts like a damper which absorbs the impacts from walking or stairs, increasing comfort and protecting articulations.
Ate the same time, the structure allows for a lighter clog, reducing fatigue.


Conceived by WOCK® for environments that require the highest hygiene standards, Steri-tech™ technology allows sterilization up to 134cº and has antimicrobial and odor resistant properties.
While its antistatic features improve safety, comfort and quality are well assured due to its wear resistance.

A versatile model which fits to different tasks, environments and needs, with the option of being used with or without strap.


The simplest clog apt for an intensive use, with excellent grip on slippery surfaces.


A simple and practical clog, which allows a perfect posture. The heel was designed to absorb impacts and to prevent micro-injuries, as well as it avoids the feeling of tired legs.

Removable strap for additional support and safety.

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