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1. The present Regulation aims to establish the terms applicable to the “Win your WOCK shoes” Competition (hereinafter the “Competition”), which WALKEMORE, SA, through its WOCK® brand, will carry out, exclusively for the Facebook and Instagram platforms, with award of the prize which will obey the following conditions.

2. The contest is valid for all Facebook and Instagram users, who are challenged to publish a photo on their Instagram or Facebook profile, in public mode, where the use of WOCK® brand products is visible.

3. Participation in the contest requires knowledge and full and unreserved acceptance of the conditions of this Regulation and its eventual additions and modifications.



1. Participant is any user who:

1.1. Publish a photo on their Instagram or Facebook profile, in public mode, where the use of WOCK® brand products is visible;

1.2. Identify the WOCK® brand in the photo publication with @wockshoes;

1.3. Use the hashtags #wock #wockshoes and #wocklooks in the photo description (non-eliminatory factor).

2. Participants must make sure that their profile is public so that it is possible to view their participation.

3. Participations that are considered offensive, insulting, discriminatory, provocative, racist, sexually explicit and abusive, of a religious, political or ethnic nature, that promote violence or illegal activities, that violate the right to honor, to personal and family privacy, their own image and respect for the dignity of the person will not be admitted and will be disqualified.

4. The participation in the contest implies, on the part of the participants, the express authorization of the use of their name and / or image for commercial, advertising and communication purposes on the WOCK® brand platforms, namely, Facebook, Instagram, Newsletters and Online Store, without, therefore, having the right to claim compensation.

5. Below there's an example of the type of photo the contestant can send.



The contest starts on March 15, 2020 and ends at 04:30 pm on March 19, 2020.



1. The winning prize will be awarded to the participant who has the most “likes” in the photo until the time set for the end of the contest.

2. Only the “likes” of each post on each social media platform will be considered. Even if the post is shared on Facebook and / or Instagram, only the highest value of “likes” on a social media platform will be used - the “likes” of each social media platform will never be sum.

3. There is no limit on the number of participations per profile, but only the post with the highest number of “likes”, within the rules of the regulation, will be considered.

4. The winner will be announcement on March 20, 2020 through a post on WOCK® official Facebook ( and a post and Instastory on WOCK® official Instagram (





1. The winner of the contest will receive a pair of BLOC clogs of their choice.

2. The right to the prize is personal and intransmissible, being prohibited its decline in favor of third parties and its attribution in monetary value.

3. This contest is not cumulative with other promotions, offers and / or campaigns in force.

4. Unless otherwise specified, the prize is limited to available stock.

5. The shipping cost will be held by WALKEMORE, S.A. to Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. For the remained countries, the shipping cost will be held by the winner according to the amount indicated at checkout page.

6. The winner of the contest will not be refunded if, for reasons unrelated to WALKEMORE, S.A., cannot take advantage of the prize.

7. The impossibility of delivering the prize, not attributable to WALKEMORE, S.A. determines, for the winner, the loss of any right over it.



1. Any natural person aged 18 or over.

2. Employees of WALKEMORE, S.A. and their direct family members as well as employees of the corporate group to which it belongs (Procalçado, S.A.) cannot participate in the competition.



1. WALKEMORE, S.A., ensures that data holders will be able to exercise their rights, provided for and described in the General Regulation on Data Protection (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016), and for this purpose a Data Protection Officer (DPO) has been appointed (

2. For more information, see WALKEMORE, S.A.'s Privacy Management Policy available at