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We believe that footwear can always evolve, and that only technology can take the next step.


Grid Design™ is a technology developed in exclusive, based on a special and unique grid geometry, combining different surfaces and textures, to achieve the best shock absorption system ever felt.


Conceived for environments that require the highest hygiene standards, Steri-tech™ allows sterilization up to 134°C and has antimicrobial and odor resistant properties.


WOCK® developed Evergrip™ using a unique and exclusive rubber chemical formula and a scientifically developed texture to provide better adherence to the ground, reducing the risk of slipping.


WOCK® created Feelite™ to achieve super lightweight and highly comfortable footwear. The perfect ally for long working days.


Walksoft™ mixes the benefits of Cork and super light natural latex rubber, pushing the boundaries of comfort.