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On your daily life, there are many threats to your safety which can be blocked by a clever footwear. The design, materials and technologies used by WOCK, allow the production of footwear the can protect you fomr electric shocks, impacts on your leg joints, liquid burns, contact with aggressive subst


Because innovation is the key to all improvements, we are constantly investigating new solutions and techniques to improve each model with abilities such as humidity control, temperature stability, fast drying, odor control and pleasant touch, the feet remain fresh and comfortable all-day long.


In sports, at work, in life, everything that is done in Comfort and with minimum tiredness, is made more successfully. At WOCK we dedicate many hours investigating materials, design and technologies that result in an unrivaled comfort. We want to make a difference in your life quality and success.


Attitude and personality. They are what define you as a person on everything you do, because you are special enough to stand out. The same happens with WOCK: a freshening and unique brand with a unique attitude expressed in details such as the trademark lemon scent in the PVC, that goes on every product.


We bet on offering a product of the highest possible quality. And there is no quality without durability. Therefore, WOCK footwearia made with an eye on intense use for a long period in time. That’s another reason why we use mainly materials which are machine washable up to 50º or easily cleaned with a towel. They can even endure sterilization. Not much is needed for you to have you footwear as new, everyday.