Do you have pets? Discover their importance

20 April 2023

Do you have pets? Discover their importance

Do you have pets? Discover their importance

Sandra Duarte Cardoso is the clinical director of Clínica Veterinária SOS Animal and for over 10 years president of the ONGA SOS Animal, an association she founded in 2007. Passionate about animals and a protector of our four-legged friends, she promotes awareness and social education to encourage compassion, respect and understanding of human beings towards all species. Being also a veterinary doctor, she is one of the most active voices in animal defense, and with unusual willpower, has taken thousands of abandoned animals off the streets and publicized their cause.

As someone who has witnessed day-to-day relationships between humans and animals, we asked Sandra what she considers to be the importance of our pets to our well-being.

In my opinion, animals have a very positive influence on our daily lives, as they are an endless source of affection and emotional support. If we have our animals well cared of, and with whom we can exercise responsible guardianship, the animals will be happy and, being happy, will pass that happiness on to us daily, something so important in this society in which we live, where most of us are far from nature, animals and our essence, because we are also animals. I think it's fundamental to have animals, not only because of the happiness they bring us but also because of the way they see the moment and live the present, unlike human beings who are always in the past or the future. 

I think it's fundamental to be close to animals, and I'm a little suspicious to talk about these issues because I'm a lover of animals and nature in general, but I think that if we live in a more urban environment, having a dog or having a cat, or more than a dog or a cat (adopted, please) is a source of emotional support and undeniable love.

Sandra Duarte Cardoso

Clinic Director & President - Clínica Veterinária SOS Animal

Veterinary Doctor

From physical benefits to emotional well-being, pets reveal themselves as faithful companions and are unquestionably able to transform our days. There are many testimonials but nothing better than feeling to believe. Do you have a pet or are you thinking about having one?

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Sandra Duarte Cardoso

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